Floralia (WIP)
Floralia is a large game I have been working on with Malte Burup since 2013. It is a puzzle-platformer with puzzles and challenges based on a 2-layered world that the player can toggle between. In addition the game has a very strong story that also revolve around the 2-layered world.

2014 - 2017(?)

Cover blown (WIP)
Cover blown is a board game with the central mechanic of having hidden information. An app is used to give informations to the players which let the game have a quite complex information scheme without having a game master.
The game will be a further development of my groups semester project at ITU game design course.


Human Machine
The best way to learn how to avoid being phished is by phishing others. Human machine is a social phishing game where players are encouraged to phish each other through real-world mail or social media. The game was developed at the petskatjam at ITU.

Nov 2016

ITU - Game Design
The course Game Design at ITU required us to create 5 game-like prototypes, write an essay about them and put them on my portfolio. The prototypes where made in groups and are of quite varying quality.

Fall 2016

Billaird is a game about causality, you can call it a non-newtonian game that I made with Nikloaj Licht.

Oct 2016

The result of participating in Global Game Jam. It is the most open game I've made and I definitely want to make more. It was made with a couple of friends which I think was a really good process.

February 2016

Variety Megajam 2016
In the beginning of 2016 I participated in Variety Megajam 2016, where each participant is supposed to make 10 games, in 10 genres in 10 day. I made these 7 games.

January 2016

Ninja vs Game
Ninja vs Game is a It has been a childhood dream to make a game, where one player controls the player and another controls the boss.

May 2014

I have been really fascinated by the concept of code changing itself, so I attempted to make a game about it.

April 2014

Ur is a weekend project. I have been playing a bit with "visual programming" and this is what I have made so far.

Marts 2014

Snail Trails
Snail Trails was made at Global Game Jam 2014. It is a game about two snails, who has to cooperate in order to reach their goals. I really want to make an action game with this mechanic.

January 2014

Alex is my Autumn-vacation-project. I believe it is a four dimensional system represented in two dimensions, it sounds really complicated but it isn't. I have had the idea for a couple of months and decided to make the game while learning some Unity.

October 2013

Relations is my most experimental game.
My goal was to create symbolism through simple game mechanics,
and through the discovery of these.

October 2013

DuoBall is the first game I have finished making.
It is a cooperation game for your brainsides.
The player has to control two balls, one with each hand. My idea was to force the player into moving the balls asynchronous yet coordinated.

April 2013

Underwater Fireflies
This is my final project from Vallekilde Højskole.
It was made in a small team, we wanted to make an exploration/ambience game. The player controls a small swarm of underwater fireflies through some simple puzzles.

December 2012

Rumble in the Bamboo Jungle
The game was made at "Exile Game Jam 2012".
It is a local multiplayer game where each player controls a ninja. A ninja is invisible while moving, the goal of the game is to revael the other players by throwing paint at them.

November 2012

An exhibition in communication between man and machine without text (with text)
A game made at Vallekilde Højskole. We were given the task to make two levels. The first level had to introduce a mechanic without text, the second level would have the player use this mechanic. We failed pretty miserably.

October 2012

Our first week project at Vallekilde Højskole
We wanted to make a platformer, and from that point on the development followed the pattern of "Hey! Can we put in X?" "Sure, lets do it!"

September 2012

GoGo Kart (Alpha)
This is the earliest game that I still have.
It's a simple racing game made in flash, and it's my first game that isn't some version of Pong.

June 2009